Super Parks, Superheroes
Roswell (Georgia) Recreation, Parks, Historic and Cultural Affairs Department's photo wins cover of the July 2016 Parks & Recreation magazine.
The Power of Play
For children and adults, play is much more than an activity for enjoyment and recreation.
Every Kid in a Park
Fourth graders from Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia, show off their Every Kid in A Park Pass.
Youth Sports
Stemming the sharp decline of youths participating in sports — studies show that by the age of 13, 70 percent are dropping out.
Park Design
A research-based approach to the design and evaluation of Smale Riverfront Park.
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July 2016 Parks and Recreation ezine

2016 Playground Guide


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Celebrating Park and Recreation's Superheroes

July 2016 issue, By Roxanne Sutton

NRPA members and member agencies are putting their superpowers to work creating spaces for communities to play, exercise, learn and bond during Park and Recreation Month.

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The Power of Play: Are You Getting Your Daily Dose?

July 2016 issue, By Paula M. Jacoby-Garrett

For children and adults, play is much more than an activity for enjoyment and recreation.

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Cutting-Edge Conservation Education

July 2016 issue

Educational offerings in the 2016 NRPA Annual Conference Conservation track feature Zika, climate change and green energy.

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2016 Gold Medal Finalists Announced

July 2016 issue

Join us in congratulating the 2016 Gold Medal Finalists.

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2016 NRPA Annual Conference: Newbie Knowledge

July 2016 issue, By Samantha Bartram

Veteran attendees of NRPA’s signature annual event share their top tips for first-timers.

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Departments & Columns


Firmly Grounded, Looking to the Future

July 2016 issue, By Barbara Tulipane, CAE

How we met and exceeded every major goal of our business and strategic plans, and the groundwork that's been laid for our fiscal year 2017-2020 Strategic Plan.

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Editor's Letter

Safe Spaces

July 2016 issue, By Gina Mullins-Cohen

Parks, open natural landscapes and recreation centers have served as places where we can let down our guard and enjoy some respite and restoration during times of both peace and distress.

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Community Center » National Park Service

Every Kid in a Park

July 2016 issue, By Jonathan B. Jarvis

Free access to federal lands and waters for fourth graders and their guests.

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Community Center » Notable News

Notable News

July 2016 issue

Stay up to date on what’s happening in parks and recreation with the latest news from around the field.

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Community Center » NRPA Connect

Hot Topics

July 2016 issue, By Hayley Herzing

Find out what hot topics have been trending on NRPA Connect!

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Community Center » Smale Riverfront Park

Where Work Meets Play

July 2016 issue, By Kate Tooke

A research-based approach to the design and evaluation of Smale Riverfront Park.

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Community Center » Urban Directors

From the Director’s Chair

July 2016 issue, By Samantha Bartram

Gain insight from high-level park and recreation professionals on how they tackle various weighty issues.

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By the Numbers

Americans' Favorite Summer Outdoor Activities

July 2016 issue

What are Americans' favorite summertime outdoor activities?

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Member to Member

Colorado Springs’ Comeback

July 2016 issue, By Karen Palus, CPRP, CYSA

How Colorado Springs Parks Department went from the shutdown of its parks and services to being ranked No. 1 park in the country by TripAdvisor.

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Technology + Recreation = Prime Out-of-School Time

July 2016 issue, By Kevin O’Hara

NRPA's new Rec2Tech campaign to focus on  helping members learn how to convert underutilized recreation centers into technology-center makerspaces.

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Law Review

Recreational Use Statutes in State Supreme Courts

July 2016 issue, By James C. Kozlowski, J.D., Ph.D.

For recreational injuries in public parks and recreation, what is the scope and applicability of limited immunity under a state recreational use statute (RUS)?

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Design Is Key to Making Recycling Work

July 2016 issue, By Alec Cooley

Collecting recyclables is not simply a matter of setting out bins.

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Health & Wellness

Returning Youth Sports to the Kids

July 2016 issue, By Joseph Lovell

What park and recreation professionals can do to help stem the sharp decline in the number of youths participating in sports.

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Social Equity

GreenLatinos Host Historic National Summit at Grand Teton National Park

July 2016 issue, By Mark Magaña and Robert García

The organization's policy priorities were selected for the coming year.

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Future Leaders

Success Through the Lens of ‘The Greatest’

July 2016 issue, By Neelay Bhatt

It's about making a difference in people’s lives.

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NRPA Update » Boston Innovation Lab

Data-Based Park and Recreation Stories

July 2016 issue, By Sonia Myrick

Data not only helps to inform decision-making but also with how we tell our stories.

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NRPA Update » CFO's Corner

Facing Fears

July 2016 issue, By Anna Amselle, CPA, MBA, CA

Embracing an opportunity to move forward in your career.

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NRPA Update » Learning

Test Your Park and Recreation Knowledge

July 2016 issue

Are you ready for the CPRP exam?

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NRPA Update » Member Benefit

Understanding Participant Waiver/Releases and Consent Forms

July 2016 issue, By Hayley Herzing

Membership in NRPA provides you with many opportunities for professional as well as personal growth.

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NRPA Update » Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Jenny Hagauer

July 2016 issue, By Samantha Bartram

Jenny Hagauer, Marketing Supervisor, Roswell (Georgia) Recreation, Parks, Historic and Cultural Affairs Department 

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NRPA Update » Professional Development

NRPA Innovation Lab: What Parks and Recreation Can Do About Equity

July 2016 issue

NRPA is dedicated to providing learning opportunities to advance the development of best practices and resources that make parks and recreation indispensable elements of American communities. 

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NRPA Update » Research

Embracing Data in Operational Decision-Making

July 2016 issue, By Kevin Roth, Ph.D.

Using data as a key element in strategic and day-to-day operational decision-making.

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Operations » Air Quality

Regulating Air Quality for Indoor Pools

July 2016 issue, By Dennis Berkshire

Tips on regulating the air quality of indoor pools.

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Operations » Riverfront Park

Riverfront Renaissance in Nashville

July 2016 issue, By Michael Giardina

Nashville's Riverfront Park, an 11-acre civic park, has quickly become a destination for active recreation and enjoyment for residents and visitors alike.

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Park Bench

Weed Busters

July 2016 issue, By Sonia Myrick

An environmentally friendly and extremely effective way of controlling the spread of noxious weeds.

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