Zika and Parks
Parks can play a role in helping to curb the spread of the Zika virus.
The Art of Juggling
Project management in parks and recreation is a delicate balance between time, cost and quality.
Prairie Restoration in Chicago
Restored prairies provide habitat and breeding grounds for migrating species.
Mobile Recreation
Oakland County Parks Mobile Recreation Program takes the park to residents who can't get to a park.
Lightning Safety and Indoor Pools
Are patrons of indoor pools safer in or out of the pool during a lightning storm?
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Zika and Parks: What You Need to Know

May 2016 issue, By Richard J. Dolesh

The Zika virus threatens to move swiftly across the United States —  parks can play a role in helping to curb its spread.

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The ‘Hard Skills’ of Park and Recreation Leadership

May 2016 issue, By Sara Hensley and Lawrence Allen

Becoming an effective leader takes work, but the payoff is in improved service to your communities.

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Project Management in Parks and Recreation

May 2016 issue, By Paula Jacoby-Garrett

Every project has unique challenges either in design, implementation, funding or construction but is an investment in the future to help to create and maintain a sense of community and identity.

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Making Smart Parks

May 2016 issue, By Edward Krafcik

Doing so goes far beyond just giving connected generations what they want.

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The ABCs of Free Public Wi-Fi: LA Parks — Technology Innovators

May 2016 issue, By Mark Saferstein

What's needed to be able to offer this 'utility' to park visitors.

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Park Technology: Exploring Opportunities

May 2016 issue, By Karen Zgonc

Turning to tech to connect to nature.

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Departments & Columns


Why Isn’t There a Nature Place for Kids in Every Park?

May 2016 issue, By Barbara Tulipane, CAE

It's an opportunity to connect kids to nature.

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Editor's Letter

From Leadership to Zika

May 2016 issue, By Gina Mullins-Cohen

The variety of ways park and recreation professionals are called on to lead.

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Community Center » Mobile Recreation

Taking Parks and Recreation to the Community

May 2016 issue, By Jane Peterson

The Oakland County Parks Mobile Recreation Program logs many miles each summer bringing recreation to its community.

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Community Center » Notable News

Notable News

May 2016 issue

Stay up to date on what’s happening in parks and recreation with the latest news from around the field.

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Community Center » NRPA Connect

Hot Topics

May 2016 issue, By Hayley Herzing

Find out what hot topics have been trending on NRPA Connect!

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Community Center » Park and Recreation Month

Faster than a Speeding Train — July Is Almost Here!

May 2016 issue, By Roxanne Sutton

Gearing up for an action-packed, SuperJuly!

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Community Center » Urban Directors

From the Director’s Chair

May 2016 issue, By Samantha Bartram

Gain insight from high-level park and recreation professionals on how they tackle various weighty issues.

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By the Numbers

Put Me in, Coach

May 2016 issue

Some insights from the Sports and Fitness Industry Association's annual Sports, Fitness and Leisure Activities Topline Participation Report into the recreational activities of US residents.

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People for Parks

Tech Edition: Edward Krafcik

May 2016 issue, By Samantha Bartram

Edward Krafcik, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development at Soofa.

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Member to Member » Action Sports

Action Sports

May 2016 issue, By Roger W. Hickey

Engaging, character-building programs for youth

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Member to Member » Mentoring

Mentoring 101

May 2016 issue, By Nancy J. Gladwell, Re.D., CPRP and Gail Elder White, CPRP

The steps involved in establishing a formal mentoring program.

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Curbing the Spread of the Zika Virus

May 2016 issue, By Oliver Spurgeon III

Congress needs to properly fund CDC efforts to study and eradicate the Zika virus. 

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Law Review

Turf Field Cancer Risk Environmental Review

May 2016 issue, By James C. Kozlowski, J.D., Ph.D.

Environmental review under state or federal law, as illustrated by the court opinion in he case of Sierra Club v. City and County of San Francisco, is generally more procedural than substantive.

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Recipe for an Aster: Prairie Restoration in Chicago

May 2016 issue, By Becky Barak

From small patches of original prairie land - remnants - land managers are learning the ingredients needed for prairie restoration.

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Health & Wellness

Keeping Food Waste Out of the Landfill

May 2016 issue, By Allison Colman

Best practices to reducing food waste.

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Social Equity

Coach Cortney and the StarrFire Girls: Raising Awareness and Promoting Greatness in D.C.

May 2016 issue, By Jayni Rasmussen

Instilling confidence and changing lives through dance.

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Future Leaders

Young Professionals Can Be Great Mentors

May 2016 issue, By Kara Kish

Young professionals are uniquely positioned to give back.

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NRPA Update » Learning

Test Your Park and Recreation Knowledge

May 2016 issue

Are you ready for the CPRP exam?

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NRPA Update » Member Benefit

Are You Keeping Your Community Safe?

May 2016 issue, By Hayley Herzing

Perform quality background screenings of volunteers and employees by using the Background Investigation Bureau (BIB).

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NRPA Update » Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Alex McKinney

May 2016 issue, By Sonia Myrick

Alex McKinney, Recreation Supervisor, Outdoor Recreation School, Three Rivers Park District

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NRPA Update » Professional Development

Professional Development

May 2016 issue

NRPA is dedicated to providing learning opportunities to advance the development of best practices and resources that make parks and recreation indispensable elements of American communities.

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NRPA Update » Research

How Much Do You Know About Your Agency’s Facilities?

May 2016 issue, By Kevin Roth, Ph.D.

NRPA's new Facility Market Reports offer you more detailed insights about the constituents you serve.

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Lightning Safety and Indoor Pools: To Clear or Not to Clear

May 2016 issue

Should indoor pools be cleared during a lightning storms?

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Park Bench

Jump in

May 2016 issue, By Samantha Bartram

Before jumping into pool season, some simple suggestions to help make the trip to the community pool the safe, most fun it can be.

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