The National Parks
Rocky Ocean Drive Coast in Acadia National Park, Maine, part of the hundreds of thousands of acres of protected lands watched over by the National Park Service.
Recreation and the ADA
Chicago Park District patrons with disabilities have access to the agency’s lakefront areas via beach walks, installed as part of the agency’s ADA Transition Plan.
Pokémon Go
Pokémon Go players at a park in an Anchorage, Alaska, interact with each other while also engaging with computerized animations.
Water Polo
Including water polo as part of your agency's business model could be a welcome addition to your overall service offerings and a way to generate more revenue.
New Play Opportunities
Chaska (Minnesota) Parks and Recreation Department’s new state-of-the-art curling facility, forecasted to add 180 members in its first year, added 1,200 members.
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The National Parks: America's Best Idea?

August 2016 issue, By Daniel L. Dustin, Ph.D., Kelly S. Bricker, Ph.D., Matthew T. Brownlee, Ph.D., and Keri A. Schwab, Ph.D.

A reflection on the importance of the National Park Service, a work in progress, as it celebrates 100 years of keeping watch over hundreds of thousands of acres of our country's protected lands.

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Recreation and the Americans with Disabilities Act

August 2016 issue, By Mark Trieglaff and Larry Labiak

A look at the history of the ADA and some of the challenges posed by its current requirements.

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The World According to Dr. Scott

August 2016 issue, By Samantha Bartram

Scott Sampson, renowned paleontologist, author and children's television star, shares his prescription for connecting kids, families and communities to nature.

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Innovative Education at the 2016 NRPA Annual Conference

August 2016 issue

A number of innovative ways to enjoy learning outside the traditional classroom await you at this year's annual Conference.

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Departments & Columns


Thinking Strategically

August 2016 issue, By Susan K. Trautman, CPRP

Introducing NRPA's 2017-2019 strategic plan, focused on helping you, our members, meet the needs of your patrons.

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Editor's Letter

History in the Making

August 2016 issue, By Gina Mullins-Cohen

In this issue of Parks & Recreation magazine, we bring to light the history of the National Park Service, which is celebrating its centennial, and the ADA, which marked its 25th anniversary last year.

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Community Center » Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go and What It Means for Parks

August 2016 issue, By Nicolas Amselle

The latest form in the evolutionary chain of "augmented reality games."

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Community Center » Urban Directors

From the Director’s Chair

August 2016 issue, By Samantha Bartram

Gain insight from high-level park and recreation professionals on how they tackle various weighty issues.

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Community Center » VirtuREAL Connections

VirtuREAL Connections

August 2016 issue, By Aaron Perri

Pokémon Go allows players to interact with the real world while also engaging with computerized animations.

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Research Update

NRPA Research Has Its Finger on the ‘Pulse’ of the Nation

August 2016 issue, By Kevin Roth

The NRPA Research team launches a new monthly poll of Americans that's focused on park and recreation issues.

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By the Numbers

Happy 100th Anniversary, National Park Service

August 2016 issue

Some interesting facts about the National Park Service, celebrating its 100th year, and some if the amazing features it oversees.

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People for Parks

Love for Leo

August 2016 issue, By Dan and Barbara Kohorst

The authors fulfilled their promise to their son, Leo, who died before the trio could embark on a planned trip to visit national parks in California and Utah.

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Member to Member

Minnesota's Historic Firemen's Park Provides New Play Opportunities

August 2016 issue, By Tom Redman

So, how did the Chaska Parks and Recreation Department help attract thousands of visitors from all age groups to the community's older downtown area for 12 months out of the year?

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Summertime and OST Programming Is Hot!

August 2016 issue, By Oliver Spurgeon III

Why the Public Policy Team continues to push for passage of reliable and dependable supplemental education funding that supports out-of-school time programming.

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Law Review

Rectal Syringe Procedure Unreasonable ADA Accommodation

August 2016 issue, By James C. Kozlowski, J.D., Ph.D.

Would requiring employees at a summer camp to administer seizure medication (Diastat) through a rectal syringe in the event of a seizure emergency be a reasonable ADA accommodation? 

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Everyone in a National Park

August 2016 issue, By Robert García and Cesar De La Vega

In order to flourish in the next century, NPS must establish better relationships with this country’s increasingly diverse population.

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Health & Wellness

Serving Participants with Medical Needs

August 2016 issue, By Kathy Capps, CPRE, ARM-P

Medical advances combined with a broadened definition of disability under the 2008 ADAAA has opened up the possibility of a more active lifestyle for individuals with a wider variety of medical conditions.

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Social Equity

Universal Accessibility Infuses Pittsburgh’s August Wilson Park

August 2016 issue, By Scott Roller

Community input and a deft design help reimagine a challenging space in Pittsburgh's historic Hill District as a universally accessible park.

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Future Leaders

Who, What, When, Why? Your Official Invite to the YPN

August 2016 issue, By Karen Lussier, CPRP

NRPA’s Young Professional Network provides career support at Conference and throughout the year through networking, mentoring, idea exchanges and other avenues.

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NRPA Update » Barry E. Weiss

Barry E. Weiss: His Passion Was ‘Parks Make Life Better!’

August 2016 issue, By Jane H. Adams

Remembering Barry E. Weiss, a reputed leader in the parks and recreation field who passionately promoted it at the state as well as the national level.

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NRPA Update » Hot Topics

Hot Topics

August 2016 issue

Find out what hot topics have been trending on NRPA Connect!

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NRPA Update » Learning

Test Your Park and Recreation Knowledge

August 2016 issue

Are you ready for the CPRP exam?

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NRPA Update » Member Benefit

Embracing Access and Inclusion to Succeed

August 2016 issue, By Hayley Herzing

The smart practice is for agencies to be accessible and inclusive voluntarily before they are forced to do it.

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NRPA Update » Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Selandria Jackson

August 2016 issue, By Samantha Bartram

Selandria Jackson, Recreation Supervisor for Little Rock Parks and Recreation

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NRPA Update » Notable News

Notable News

August 2016 issue

Stay up to date on what’s happening in parks and recreation with the latest news from around the field.

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NRPA Update » NRPA Strategic Plan

A Vision for the Future: NRPA’s New Strategic Plan

August 2016 issue, By NRPA Board of Directors

Over the next three years, NRPA’s focus will be on maximizing the impact of parks and recreation within the communities our members serve and across our nation.

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NRPA Update » Professional Development

NRPA Online Learning Has It All

August 2016 issue

NRPA is dedicated to providing learning opportunities to advance the development of best practices and resources that make parks and recreation indispensable elements of American communities.

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NRPA Update » Supervisors' Management School

Supervisors’ Management School Melds Real-World Experience with Classroom Learning

August 2016 issue, By Charlynne T. Smith, GISP

The SMS mission is to provide park and recreation professionals with the necessary tools to effectively oversee day-to-day operations.

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Operations » Software

Park and Rec’s Software Conundrum

August 2016 issue, By Jean Thilmany

A few simple things to keep in mind when shopping for software.

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Operations » Water Polo

Water Polo: A Revenue Generating Opportunity

August 2016 issue, By Felix Mercado

Including water polo as part of your agency's service offerings could be a welcome addition to your members' overall fitness routine and a way to generate more revenue.

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Park Bench

Urban Agriculture

August 2016 issue, By Nicolas Amselle

The city of St. Cloud (Florida) Parks and Recreation Department adds an aeroponic system to its Urban Agriculture Program.

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