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5 Key Trends in Parks and Public Health

2012-11-01, Feature, by Maureen Hannan

Pediatrician Robert Zarr on a prescriptive walk with children from Washington, D.C. A fundamental—and agonizing—paradox defines American public health in the 21st century. While Americans are more gravely afflicted by chronic disease than ever before, we have also never had such an array of treatments for our deadliest diseases so readily available to us. Deepening this paradox is a stunnin....

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Yes, we need to do more to improve public health through parks and recreational facilities!


Hi! This is a wonderful idea, but once again, there is no mention of those unable to walk or ride a bike or those unable to leave their homes due to more severe disabilities. We need to look at even more accessibility for these type of people. Not all people with disabilities are able to make it to our parks.