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Community Investment

2012-10-01, Feature, by Danielle Taylor

An El Sereno youth helps out at a community build day on the park site.For a community with a name that literally translates to “the serene one,” the East Los Angeles neighborhood of El Sereno has historically lacked places to find such serenity. Despite the fact that El Sereno has among the county’s highest percentage of residents aged 10 or younger, few community facilities exist to provide opportunities for....

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amazing community and project!


Looks good..we need a parket park on the north Lorena ave and east first st to go with the Evergreen Jogging Path..90063


From the ground to the grass to the trees to the sky, a park is a place where our dreams learn to fly. We play, we laugh, our minds frolic freely. Our hearts are filled with joy and our souls pop a wheely!