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Clarity and the Affordable Healthcare Act

2012-10-01, Department, by Stacey L. Pine

Park and recreation agencies that hire seasonal employees need to pay close attention to the details of the new healthcare law.In recent weeks, NRPA members have shared with us concern about the requirements regarding the hiring of seasonal employees contained in the new healthcare law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA; Pub. L. No. ....

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And if we are determined not to be a large employer then what? Can you give us some guidance on how Obamacare affects us small employers?


First, please understand I am not an attorney and my comments are not intended as legal advice. I encourage you to discuss concerns about the new healthcare law with a licensed attorney and/or your human resources professional. My understanding of the healthcare law is that if you are not a large employer (more than 50 full-time/full-time equivalents) then you are not required to provide health insurance for your full-time employees. Again, this law is very complex and you should seek legal counsel for a definitive answer. Stacey Pine


Very helpful information. Thanks for keeping us informed.


Can you clarify something for me; when does the measurement, or stability period, clock start running on this? Does it begin at anytime in 2013 when a seasonal employee is hired or does the measurement period begin in January, or early 2014?