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Parks and Recreation Partnership Bringing 10 Million Kids to Nature and the Outdoors

2012-11-01, Department, by Richard J. Dolesh

NRPA and NWF are partnering to bring 10 million kids to nature and the outdoors.In partnership with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), NRPA has launched a truly ambitious goal: To connect 10 million kids to nature and the outdoors in the next three years. And this goal is not just to count what we are already doing to connect kids to nature and the outdoors—it is about increasing the time k....

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Gayle Swagerty

I live in Coulee Dam, WA at the base of the Grand Coulee Dam located on the Columbia River. I am a member of the NWF. In my town is a park maintained by the town which has a large open green space, a dry creek bed full of a diversity of flora and fauna,and a flowing creek at the top of this area. Behind this park adjacent to it is a naturalized area and a hiking trail which leads up over a large rock outcropping and back down to the town. I have just recently been elected to serve on my town council and will be sworn in January. I am planning to propose to the council and mayor that we register this park with your program. Can we register as a town? Are there fees involved? Can we register as a town? Are there fees involved? What resources are available to implement the programs? Anymore information would be very useful as I prepare to make this proposal.