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2012-06-01, Department

 Premiere Membership PackageNRPA recently launched a new membership package, the Premiere Agency Membership, whereby a park and recreation agency/department joins and all of the agency’s full-time employees become members of NRPA.  In many cases, the package price is not much different than what an agency is currently paying for NRPA membership.  So now agency directors no longer have to choose among their staff as to who will be a member. Instead, they can make the Premiere choice and extend the NRPA membership benefits to all of their full-time employees.

The Premiere Membership Package provides agencies with maximum value and convenient access to NRPA’s exceptional tools and resources.  With the Premiere Package, an agency can make the most of its NRPA membership through solutions such as professional development opportunities, research, advocacy, and networking opportunities. 

Contact NRPA today at 800-626-6772 to find out how you can upgrade your agency’s membership!  Or visit for additional information and details.

Why choose Premiere?  

Value, value, value. When you choose the Premiere package, you pay one upfront cost for your entire agency to access a wide variety of educational programs. Plus! Only agencies that choose a package membership have access to savings and discounts provided by dozens of NRPA Member Business Solutions.

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