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Playing It Safe

2012-08-01, Feature, by Carrie Madren

Playground safety inspectors' work is a child's dream job.When Tony Malkusak steps onto the playground, it’s a game of I Spy.

“I try to take a fair amount of time just to observe, take in the equipment, the space itself, the circulation pattern, and get as much of an understanding of the environment and play space area as possible,” says Malkusak, president and landscape architect at Abundant Playscapes, Inc. in....

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Great Article!


We need each state to make it a law to inspect playground equipment.


It's not law in Canada yet either but we do have the Canadian Standards Association requirements to follow for playgrounds (similar to ASTM standards in the US).


I agree, there needs to be a statewide mandate to ensure playground and play space safety.


Excellent article. Very informative.