Game On
In many areas, and for a variety of reasons, young people may lack access to sports opportunities or public sports facilities. What can parks do to help?
Can Data Have a Heart?
New data tools are making it easier to study, quantify and alleviate homelessness in parks and public spaces.
Without a Bench, Is It Still a Park?
Parks attempt to strike a balance between offering a comfortable seat and keeping public spaces safe and accessible for all.
Affording Public Art
Adding artwork to parks and open spaces can increase usage, advance cultural awareness and beautify, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
Aquatics for All
Aquatics offerings for special needs populations are an inclusive and valuable addition to any agency's programmatic content.
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Game On!

September 2016 issue, By Paula M. Jacoby-Garrett

Many of today's kids aren't participating in sports as actively as in the past and are missing out on its physical, mental and social benefits. What can parks do to help?

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Can Data Have a Heart?

September 2016 issue, By Gretchen Keillor

Using data to explore and quantify homelessness across the United States.

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If It Doesn’t Have a Bench, Is It Still a Park?

September 2016 issue, By Peter Harnik and Alexandra Hiple

Can a balance be found between offering residents and guests a comfortable seat and keeping public spaces safe and accessible for all?

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Making Small Towns Special: How to Afford Public Art

September 2016 issue, By Kevin Riley, Ed.D., Sarah Riley, NBCT, MAT, MLA, and Jean Wallace, BSA

Adding artwork to public parks and open spaces can increase usage, advance cultural awareness and beautify, and doesn't have to cost a fortune.

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Conference Hacks — An Insider’s Guide

September 2016 issue, By Samantha Bartram

Conference survival tips from the folks who organize and promote NRPA's signature event.

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Making a Difference 101

September 2016 issue, By Tom Crosley

A sampling of this year’s education sessions focused on social equity.

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National Award, Fellowship and Scholarship Recipients Announced

September 2016 issue

Join NRPA in congratulating the 2016 National Award, Fellowship and Scholarship recipients.

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2016 NRPA Annual Conference Exhibit Hall Highlights

September 2016 issue, By Ted Mattingly

Make time to experience the awesome displays, products and technology available from more than 400 exhibitors.

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Departments & Columns


Social Equity: What It Means for Parks and Recreation

September 2016 issue, By Barbara Tulipane, CAE

Social equity is the lens through which NRPA will evaluate progress in our health and conservation efforts.

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Editor's Letter

The Good, the Bad and the Resilient

September 2016 issue, By Gina Mullins-Cohen

When the going gets tough, parks and recreation gets going.

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7 Ways City Leaders Can Address Racial Inequities

September 2016 issue, By Leon T. Andrews

It is important for cities to acknowledge and take meaningful action on racial injustice in order to heal from the trauma its caused across our country.

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Community Center » Memorial State Park

A Memorial State Park to Honor 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots

September 2016 issue, By Ken Sliwa and Glenn Schlottman

Preserving their legacy; honoring their sacrifice.

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Community Center » Notable News

Notable News

September 2016 issue

Stay up to date on what’s happening in parks and recreation with the latest news from around the field.

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Community Center » Urban Directors

From the Director’s Chair

September 2016 issue, By Samantha Bartram

Gain insight from high-level park and recreation professionals on how they tackle various weighty issues.

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Research Update

Park and Rec Out-of-School Time Programs Provide Essential Support to Communities

September 2016 issue, By Kevin Roth, Ph.D.

Sharing your agency's OST program stories can help broaden your community's view of the critical offerings parks and recreation provide.

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By the Numbers

Olympic Stats

September 2016 issue

Did you know...

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People for Parks

Tennis, Everyone!

September 2016 issue, By Jonathan Whitbourne

Across America, park and recreation departments are teaming up with local tennis enthusiasts to help benefit communities and change lives

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Member to Member

Yes, In My Backyard!

September 2016 issue, By Rebecca Stidham

Columbia, Missouri Parks and Recreation Department survey elicits some surprising feedback from the owners of property adjacent to the MKT Trail.

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Park Funding for All!

September 2016 issue, By Robert García, Ariel Collins and Cesar De La Vega

Park, environmental and other public funds should benefit all people equitably and without discrimination.

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Law Review

Economic Development Ongoing Threat to LWCF Legacy

September 2016 issue, By James C. Kozlowski, J.D., Ph.D.

Political and economic pressure at the state and local level constantly threaten to divert public park and recreation resources to inappropriate nonrecreational uses.

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Pittsburgh’s Frick Environmental Center: The Ultimate Outdoor Classroom

September 2016 issue, By Scott Roller

The building is a learning tool that can teach visitors about the relationship between nature, energy and the built environment.

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Health & Wellness

Reducing Health Disparities in South Florida

September 2016 issue, By Kailyn Mattingly

Steven Marcus, Ed.D., is the recipient of the 2016 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Award for making measurable and sustainable differences in the health of South Florida residents.

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Future Leaders

I Am a Product of My Environment

September 2016 issue, By Samantha Terry

Camp Best Friends, one of the largest summer camp programs in the country, helped make me the person I am and inspires me to strive for better.

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NRPA Update » Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage, Brenda Beales

September 2016 issue

Long-time NRPA staff member Beales to embark on epic road trip during retirement.

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NRPA Update » Hot Topics

Hot Topics

September 2016 issue

Find out what hot topics have been trending on NRPA Connect!

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NRPA Update » Innovation Lab

Portland Innovation Lab: Creating Change

September 2016 issue, By Heather Williams

Normalizing the difficult conversations about race and other inequities is necessary in order to promote change.

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NRPA Update » Learning

Test Your Park and Recreation Knowledge

September 2016 issue

Are you ready for the CPRP exam?

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NRPA Update » Member Benefit

Want Your Job Posting in Front of 7,000 People?

September 2016 issue

The NRPA Career Center is where park and recreation professionals find qualified candidates.

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NRPA Update » Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Kristi McLeod Fondren, Ph.D.

September 2016 issue, By Samantha Bartram

Kristi McLeod Fondren, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology at Marshall University

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NRPA Update » Professional Development


September 2016 issue

NRPA is dedicated to providing learning opportunities to advance the development of best practices and resources that make parks and recreation indispensable elements of American communities.

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Operations » Aquatics

Serving Diverse and Special Populations at Your Aquatics Facility

September 2016 issue, By Inés Palacios, Ph.D.

Opening your facility to a variety of interesting aquatic programming could attract a wider base of regular participants.

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Operations » Concussions

Connecting on Concussion: Why Agency Advocacy Is Important

September 2016 issue, By Lisa Paradis

Park and recreation programs have the opportunity to begin the concussion education process for younger athletes as a routine part of their sports participation.

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Park Bench

Scouts for Stewardship

September 2016 issue, By Samantha Bartram

Harnessing the energy and excitement of our young citizens for making a positive difference in their communities.

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