12 Steps to Sponsorship Success
These 12 steps can lead to a better understanding of the sponsorship process, from start to finish.
The Great Drama of Great Park
California’s Great Park project is inching toward completion, despite years of hiccups and setbacks.
Breaking Down Barriers
More than ever, public health and park and recreation professionals are finding common ground to support health and wellness.
The Year of Park Champion Advocacy
NRPA's Public Policy Team declares 2016 the year of Park Champion advocacy, expanding the initiative to a year-round movement.
A Park for All Abilities
The design of Play for All Abilities Park drew on expertise from medical, educational and design professionals to create an inclusive play destination.
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12 Steps to Sponsorship Success

February 2016 issue, By Sylvia Allen

Twelve steps to a better understanding of how to put together sponsorship offerings, what words to use, and the entire process from thinking about sponsorship to going about getting one.

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The Great Drama of Great Park

February 2016 issue, By Michael Stockstill

More than a decade of political turmoil, mismanagement and an uncertain financial landscape has created an ongoing saga surrounding construction of California’s Great Park, even as the project inches toward completion.

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Breaking Down Barriers - Parks and Recreation Connecting with Public Health

February 2016 issue, By Richard J. Dolesh and Zarnaaz Bashir, MPH

The growing awareness of the essential role of parks and recreation in health and wellness is leading to increasing collaboration between parks and recreation and public health professionals.

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Departments & Columns


A Banner Year

February 2016 issue, By Susan K. Trautman, CPRP

Susan K. Trautman, CPRP, Chair of NRPA's Board of Directors, celebrates the accomplishments of 2015 and encourages everyone to ensure their voices are counted in 2016.

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Editor's Letter

Great Expectations

February 2016 issue, By Gina Mullins-Cohen

NRPA's Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Publishing and Editorial Director, Gina Mullins-Cohen, a former resident of Orange County, California, provides some additional insight about the Great Park project, one of this month's feature stories, and shares news of recent awards Parks & Recreation and the Marketing Department have earned.

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Community Center » A Park for All Abilities

A Park for All Abilities

February 2016 issue, By David Buzzell

Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department in Texas drew on the skill sets and backgrounds of a variety of professionals — from medical, educational and design and manufacturing fields — to create its Play for All Abilities Park.

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Community Center » Notable News

Notable News

February 2016 issue

Stay up to date on what's happening in parks and recreation with the latest news from around the field.

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Community Center » NRPA Connect

NRPA Connect Hot Topics

February 2016 issue, By Hayley Herzig

Find out what hot topics are trending on NRPA Connect!

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Community Center » NRPA Takes Top Honors

NRPA Takes Top Honors

February 2016 issue

The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) recently honored NRPA’s Marketing, Communications and Magazine department with five coveted Association TRENDS awards.

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Research Update

Freedom to Fail, Space to Grow

February 2016 issue, By Cait Wilson, Jim Sibthorp and Dan Richmond

Research suggests that recreation professionals should be providing children in sports programs with praise and encouragement for their effort, problem-solving ability and persistence and determination — for having a "growth mindset" — instead of simply for their innate ability. But, exactly what is a growth mindset and how is it nurtured?

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By the Numbers

Free Play Across the Globe

February 2016 issue

Some interesting findings from a 2009 study that sought to answer the question "What can the free-play habits and choices of children all over the world tell us about this most instinctual activity?" 

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People for Parks

Part Two: Marielle Anzelone Plans a PopUP Forest

February 2016 issue, By Sonia Myrick

Part two of Parks & Recreation's conversation with Urban Ecologist, Marielle Anzelone about her plans to install a PopUP Forest in New York City's Times Square.

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Member to Member

Guiding the Way to Playground Design

February 2016 issue, By Gary Sorge, FASLA, and Donna Walcavage, FASLA

The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation's guidebook provides regional staff with options when it comes to developing unique, appropriate and fun new playgrounds.

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2016: The Year of Park Champion Advocacy

February 2016 issue, By Jayni Rasmussen

Following up on the success and lessons learned from last summer's launch of the Park Champion advocacy initiative, NRPA's Policy Team declares 2016 the year of Park Champion advocacy, expanding the initiative to a year-round movement.

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Law Review

Physician Nixes Post-Injury Return to Football

February 2016 issue, By James C. Kozlowski, J.D., Ph.D.

The case of Class v. Towson University illustrates the tendency of federal courts to defer to the reasonable medical judgment of an agency’s designated physician when an “otherwise qualified” and/or “direct threat” determination for a disabled participant is based on competent and individualized medical evidence.

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Friends Groups: People with Passion for Parks

February 2016 issue, By Jimmy O’Connor

Friends groups - local citizens with a passion for parks - are an often-underutilized source of community talent and support.

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Health & Wellness

The Power of the Permit

February 2016 issue, By David Tyahla

Some background on the Aspen Institute’s Sport and Society Program and its Project Play initiative's recommendation to local governments to use the “Power of the Permit” to promote equitable, safe and enjoyable sports experiences for all youth, in every community.

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Social Equity

Latino Residents Champion for Green Justice in Little Village

February 2016 issue, By Mariela Fernandez, Ph.D., and Antonio Lopez

Residents of Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood worked for 15 years to reclaim and restore blighted property in their community and transform it into a vibrant local park.

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Future Leaders

Lessons From the Road to Leadership

February 2016 issue, By Tiffany Johnson, CPRP, MPA

Tiffany Johnson, CPRP, MPA, lays out the path she took on the road to a leadership position within parks and recreation.

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NRPA Update » Awards

Golden Myths

February 2016 issue, By Mike Abbaté and MaryBeth Thaman

Gold Medal Head Judge, Mike Abbaté and Gold Medal Committee Chair-Elect, Marybeth Thaman dispel several of the myths that have grown up around the Gold Medal Award.

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NRPA Update » Learning

Test Your Park and Recreation Knowledge

February 2016 issue

Are you ready for the CPRP exam?

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NRPA Update » Member Benefit

Can Data Help Predict the Future of Your Community?

February 2016 issue, By Hayley Herzing

Get access to online engagement and data tools to help with making more informed decisions.

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NRPA Update » Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Janet Bartnik

February 2016 issue, By Samantha Bartram

Janet Bartnik shares about how her parks and recreation career has evolved and her approach to community engagement and collaborative partnerships.

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NRPA Update » Sustainability

NRPA Sustainability in Action

February 2016 issue, By Ted Mattingly

For the third year running, the NRPA Green Team earns top honors in the sixth annual Loudoun Green Business Challenge.

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Streamline Purchasing with Cooperatives

February 2016 issue, By Jennifer Sulentic

In an economic climate where parks are pushed to do more with less, cooperatives can easily assist with purchasing needs.

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Park Bench

Having a Heart

February 2016 issue, By Samantha Bartram

In addition to a wide range of leisure activities, Cherokee Recreation and Parks Agency in Woodstock, Georgia, offers four distinct community outreach programs throughout the year, each benefiting a different segment of its population.

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